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fixie heroes

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for karlsruhe based bike label fixie inc. jochen shot the "heroes campaign 2011" earlier this year. fixie inc. worlwide sums up skills in manufacturing bicycles gathering both innovative features and high level techniques. apart from this fixie inc. - again on international stage - won fame for hosting bike polo championships. right after one of those tournaments, jochen sand, in collaboration with lars harmsen (magma brand design) and the rest of his funky team, organized a photo-party where all the riders were invited to. the plan was to drag the guys in front of the camera where they should be wearing wacky masks, tearing down their pants and fighting with wild animals. the riders didn`t know about those slippery details but thought they were going to have fun on a mainstreamafterworkpartything. so much better they got this nonsense and joined in. at the back of the shooting stage the half naked chicks hopped on club sounds - man that was groovy!! Concept / Production: Lars Harmsen, MBD, Jochen Sand; Styling; Sarah Reiter c/o MBD; H/M: Blandine L.; Models: Riders

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