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Women's World Cup for adidas

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For the women's World Cup in Germany, adidas asked us to celebrate women's football and their efforts to promote the sport in the past, present and future.
  • Women's Football World Cup 2011
    adidas activation
  • For the FIFA women's World Cup adidas wanted to celebrate the hot nation team and raise awareness of their support of women's football in general. adidas designed the national team's new jersey and wanted to present it as part of their continuous efforts to elevate women's football recognition, popularity and organization to the level of the men's sport. 

    To achieve this, we decided to talk about the next generations of female players, the next generations of champions, the winners of the Women's World Cup 2031. For them to prosper in the future, adidas is starting to take care of their athletic development today. 

    That is why we developed the adidas Weltmeisterin 2031 package.
  • The adidas World Cup winner of 2031 was delivered to every newborn baby girl, whose parents applied for it during the World Cup and some very lucky ones received them directly form the hands of the national players and Steffi Jones.  
  • It contained everything a girl needs for her first football steps... 
  • --- the baby jersey, ...
  • ... a pair of baby F50 booties, a football ball and an inspirational video from the current national team, a champion of 2031 certificate ... 
  • ... as well as a signed inscription from Steffi Jones.

    The parents of the World Cup winners of 2031 were invited to apply for the kit through two internet films featured on adidas football facebook page, adidas YouTube channel and on some news coverage of the World Cup on national TV stations.

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