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TAG Heuer Eyewear

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TAG Heuer Eyewear was launched into 2002. Here, you will find illustrations of my contribution as International Brand Director from 01/2004 to 05/2009: product design and innovation, communication and branding.
  • The Eyewear Revolution
    Sports & Glamour
  • On an overcrowded market, with so many fashion brands and brilliant designers, it has been necessary to propose an alternative and exclusive Sports Glamour positioning introducing a strong universe in coherence with the watch making heritage, strong product design, and innovative technological concepts.

    TAG Heuer Eyewear has been probably the most acclaimed brand on the eyewear market for the 5 last years keeping in mind its high-end positioning and male target.

    Passion of motor racing has led the brand: advertising, PR, product offer, R&D.

    Please take a moment to discover some of great products launched:

    - Night Vision concept, Red Dot design awarded that consistently optimizes vision in the dark (tested and approved by professional Audi drivers)
    - C-Flex: the world first carbon fiber eyeglasses featuring auto adjustable temples
    - Speedway "Kimi Räikkonen", released for his 2007 F1 world champion title
    - Panorama, the world's first ever corrective panoramic eyeglasses
    - Curve series that was the first sunglasses with photochromic polarized sun lenses.
  • Now, have a look to the universe built around the brand through just a few examples: sponsoring, advertising, merchandising, PR or special events.
    Motor racing has been the core focus. Scuderia Ferrari driver Kimi Räikkonen has been the brand ambassador. Many partnerships has been led worldwide: Le Mans with Audi and Peugeot Sport, ChampCar, Nascar with Jeff Gordon...
    TAG Heuer Eyewear has been involved in other glamourous sports such as America's Cup, winter sports, air elites... Since 2009, Tennis star Maria Sharapova has joinded TAG Heuer Eyewear ambassadors team.

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