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Strand Arcade - Autumn/Winter Campaign 2011

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The Strand Arcade will transport you to a world of whimsy, decadence and pure elegance this Autumn / Winter season, with a campaign created by PDC Creative "A Fashion Fairytale", launching this week. For Sydney's last remaining Victorian shopping arcade, the 2011 Autumn / Winter campaign theme draws on Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass for inspiration, as in past campaigns, but this time with a twist.
  • Strand Arcade
    Autumn/Winter 2011 Campaign
  • "Beyond The Looking Glass"

    LewisCarroll, who wrote “Through the Looking Glass”, influenced the Autumn/Winter 2011campaign theme. Theshoot took place in a rundown Victorian-style home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs,where the set was created using quirky elements that made reference to some ofCarroll’s stories - including live mud crabs from Alice's wonderful trip down the river in a wooden boat. Without being literal, model TiahEckdardt was given a slightly dishevelled look with her curly red hair tousledinto a messy mane - imagine Alice stepping back through the looking glass afterher incredible adventures.
    “Lewis Carroll has been a wonderful inspiration for The Strand Arcade’s campaigns because of the centre's architectural heritage - a Victorian Arcade. The Autumn/Winter campaign needed a twist and as such, the conceptevolved into Alice stepping back through the looking glass into the room some 100 years later. This is where the idea for the set was established and the location sourced."
    comments PDC's Creative Director, Caroline Poiner 

    The strikingly beautiful campaign embraces femininity and sophistication with a bit of a quirky sense of humour.

    To find out more about PDC Creative please visit our website
  • Behind the scenes footage for the Strand Arcade Autumn Winter campaign photo shoot.

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