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Running is My Religion

Last Edited:
Rebranding of New Balance Sneakers
Project Info
  • Running is my Religion.
    Rebranding New Balance Shoes
  • A few years ago, New Balance had a great campaign called "Love/ Hate." (Check it out here, it's great: _ But after this, they kind of trailed off into a brand that didn't really know where it was going.
    With this project, I tried to target the audience who didn't find running as a chore or exercise. They saw it as an integral part of their life. Just as someone might see their day planner, their morning cup of coffee, or maybe their family, this audience sees running as something that without it would be the end of life as we know it. They see it as more than an exercise. To them, it's a religion.
  • Billboard
  • Print Ad #1
  • Print Ad #2
  • E-mail blast
  • Microsite landing page. Join/ Login
  • Microsite personal profile page/ progress tracking input
  • Microsite personal profile page/ progress tracking chart
  • Microsite personal profile page/ New Balance sponsored competition
  • iPhone Daily Inspiration/ Progress Tracking  App
  • Commercial copy. Voice over images similar to print and web advertising (desolate roads, trails, running paths.)
  • Competitor t-shirt. Competitors can have their own "reason to run" on the back of their t-shirt at the event.

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