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Proceed With Care

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Rising premiums, fewer insurers, and breaches of good faith by compromised insurers make it difficult for doctors, administrators, and brokers to find trust worthy underwriters.
  • "Dave Salanitro is the ideal blend of realist and visionary. He dug deeper than any other designer I have ever worked with to unearth our story; his example motivated us to do our homework. He delivered two brilliant annual reports [1999/2001] that more-completely conveyed our culture and vision, than we ourselves had in the company's 26 years. Dave has my undying gratitude for finding the emotive note in liability insurance."  
    —Dana Cooper, Director of Corporate Communications, The Doctors Company
  • Proceed With Care
    The Doctors Company annual report
    Copy Writer, Creative Director
    Black Book’s 17th Annual AR100 Awards Show Top Eight Illustrated and Top 100 Annuals winner, Communication Arts’ 43rd Annual Design and Advertising Award winner; The Best of Brochure Design 6 competition winner; The Black Book’s 15th Annual AR100 Awards Show Top 100 Annuals winner; HOW’s 2001 International Design competition winner; The Mohawk Show 2 winner

    DAVE SALANITRO 415 516 4905

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