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PortAventura - The Trap (2008)

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Digital advertising campaign for PortAventura's Halloween Season. We created a real amusement in the park: a big trap. When visitors went into the booth on the real world, people connected to the website could interact providing them a bloody good fright.
  • On the onset of this concept, we reflected on the nature of online banners. When users roll-over them, something unexpected happens. If they feel engaged enough, they will interact and eventually might click on them.

    For PortAventura’s (the biggest theme park in southern Europe) 2007 Halloween campaign, we built a richmedia banner with a special feature: the banner would be real, physical. We created a real amusement in the park, just like any other, a wooden booth set in the “Far West”. Visitors were invited to come inside and test “their cowboy abilities”. That was the engagement side of it.

    The trap aimed at providing what every visitor expects from PortAventura’s Halloween: a bloody good fright. As a visitor went into the booth, he was asked to introduce his head into a dark and sinister case. That was the interaction. There he was scared to death by a personalised horror-moment launched through an interactive display.

    The whole scene was being recorded with a night-vision webcam and streamed to the website. So the fright was being watched live by all the website’s users, who not only watched but decided when and how to scare the park visitors choosing among several horrifying options.

    The victims were able to later retrieve at the website the videos with their distorted expressions while being scared as well as receiving a promotional incentive for a further visit to the park. That was the click.

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