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HOTNESS, Nissan Maxima

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A street scene/installation on busy thoroughfares in NYC and LA. The Nissan Maxima is so hot, it melts everything around it. Including parking meters, street lamps, trash cans, bicycles, etc.
  • HOTNESS Street Scene
    Nissan Maxima
    Non-traditional outdoor / Experiential Advt.; Street Installation, Print
  • The Nissan Maxima is so hot, it melts everything around it.
    This was the concept communicated in the form of a street scene in which the city furniture, such as parking meters, street lamps, a bicycle, etc. were intervened and appeared to melt around the car.
    The street scene was installed in NYC and LA at three high traffic locations in each city (Houston and Broadway or Sunset and La Brea, among others).
    The installation was highly visible and covered in Advertising Age, Creativity, New York Magazine, etc.
  • NYC, Houston and Broadway.
  •            Detail, LA, Sunset Blvd.: Seared parking sign with Maxima copy.
  •                     Detail, LA, Sunset Blvd.: Scorched bicyle.
  •                                             Detail, LA, Sunset Blvd.: Blazed trash can, whithered parking meter.
  • NYC, Houston / Broadway: Drooped street lamps, signs and parking meters.
  • Detail, NYC, Houston / Broadway: Steaming hot.

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