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GOOGLE - Fast as you think

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Google Chrome is the fast web browser. By using unfinished words, phrases or sayings, each execution initiates a reptilian response from the audience as they can’t help but fill in the gap, thus providing an instant and gratifying example of the kind of speed Google Chrome offers. It also allows media that is usually passively consumed to become innately interactive and in a very Googly way.
  • Google - Browse as fast as you think
    Art Direction & Design / Copywriting
  • Google's Chrome Browser is fast, as fast as you think. This campaign transformed usually passively consumed media into interactive communications, while demonstrating the speed of the browser. Due to its minimal design and adaptable conceptual structure this campaign went on to become Google’s first truly global campaign and was tailored for 22 different languages.
  • Case study
  • Films
  • Tactical Film
  • Tactical Outdoor

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