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In 1996, I, along with my writing partner Dave O'Hare, through the agency Hal Riney, created this campaign for the launch of the first Electric car, EV1. At the time, there was little know, or reference point for the technology behind it's development. Studies showed that for most people, the very idea that it was simply here, was enough to incite wonderment. So the first campaign did just that. Simply put, the Electric here. The future would never be the same.
  • EV1, the first production based electric car in the world, from General Motors. Years in imagination. Years in anticipation. In 1996 GM unveiled an idea few would have believed would be set into motion on American roads. But it was finally here. An entirely new way of going. Like all new technologies, be they perfect from inception or not, they represent change. Even GM didn't appreciate the spark EV1 caused. If they had, they may not have discontinued it. It was a change that caused people to want the inevitable. And so it was with EV1. The roads would never be the same again. The understanding of what it stood for had been released. The desire to see more of it's kind, incited more development of electric cars around the world. The early adopters became the key influencers to all future development. EV1 was the first inspiration of unbridled imagination. It was great to be a part of the launch of a new, new thing.

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