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Comfort Freshometer

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3D Animation Project by Cirkus
  • Comfort 'Freshometer'

    Another Comfort commercial has left the Cirkus' tent. In "Freshometer" rockstar Andy is taking on "Slash" in a freshness guitar play off on stage from early morning to late afternoon. Andy wins and comes out smelling fresh and fragrant with a knackered Slash collapsing in defeat. Insult to injury as the freshest and softest boy in Cloth World blasts out a mega burst of freshness. Thanks to Ogilvy's Kevin Geeves for this awesome script and let us animate some classic air guitar antics.

    Our Cirkus team: Strongman Scott Wilkinson, Knifethrower Layne Howe, Boris Plateau, Mime Priyan Yayamaha, Daredevil Chris Lyne, Firebreather Sandesh Codhadu, Monkey Matt Pitt and Illusionist Matthew Tan.
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