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Client: Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

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  • The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design  "ART URGES"

    These days, it's difficult being a teenager. It may be even more difficult being a teenager who is interested
    in art and design. Along with raging hormones, they must also deal with the fact that they're somehow different
    from other kids. It's an awkward time. But MIAD is always here to help.

  •                                 Poster series for local high school art departments.
  •  Brochure cover and back panel.
  • Brochure inside spread.
  •          Tweets from people who understand what these kids are going through.

    This MIAD campaign is aimed at kids and their parents who think that art school is a dead-end road.
    MIAD is a 4-year accredited college with a concentration on art.  You will get a college degree here. And
    when you graduate you'll get something even more important. A job.
  •               Poster series for high schools.
  •  Small space newspaper ad to run in high school programs.
  • Online banner ad featuring three different MIAD success stories. Click on the Porsche and find out about a MIAD graduate who helped
    design the new Porsche Panamera.
  • No Starving Artists microsite where all MIAD alumni success stories can be found.

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