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Campaign for the launch of the new scripted series on Syfy.
  • Launch Campaign for Alphas, the new scripted series on Syfy. The show is about seemingly normal people with extraordinary abilities solving impossible crimes. 
    No spandex, no capes. 
    The marketing exploits the internet fascination with real people doing extraordinary things - and poses the question, are they talented - or are they Alphas?
    The fully maltiplatform campaign includes TV, outdoor and online.
    To accompany the trailer campaign, we've 'created' a series of virals and seeded them on line. Shot and treated to look like 'found footage,' these drive viewers to where they can send in their own amazing videos. We've also repurposed stunts shot for the show to look like virals, further blurring the line between the show and 'reality'.
    8 from the 10 or so 'found footage' virals were seeded to drive viewers to

  • Alpha Dance
  • Alpha Dunk
  • Alpha Skate
  • Alpha Birthday
  • Alpha Leap
  • Alpha Pool
  • Alpha Coin
  • Alpha Cop (an example of how we also treated stunts from the show to look like like virals - further blurring the line between the show and 'reality').
  • Creative
    Ben Cochran, Jessica Burstein, Brian Everett, James Spence
    Design Director
    Brian Everett
    Creative Director
    James Spence
    Mike Calvert, Brand New School
    Print includes newspaper, outdoor and digital billboards.
  • Art Director
    Ed Sherman
    Diana Davis
    Creative Director
    William Lee

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